About Us

Solace Health Network is on a mission to become the leader in providing medical cannabis services including case management, education, and advancing cannabis research.

Wellness Aproach.

We provide holistic care and innovative cannabinoid solutions for patients suffering from chronic debilitating ailments.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Complete medical cannabis patient support through a network of educators and healthcare practitioners.
  • Education and case management support for HCPs, hospitals, long term care facilities and clinics.
  • Condition specific treatment plans as a guidance for dose and strain selection based on research and clinical practice evidence.
  • Reimbursement specialists to navigate on behalf of patients with insurance and private third-party payers.
  • Collaboration with the medical community on cannabinoid clinical research studies with the goal of building a body of clinical evidence.
Our Team.

Solace Health Network (SHN) is a diverse team of health care professionals and patient educators that are committed to providing medical cannabis services including case management, education and advancing cannabis research.

SHN is an established network of medical professionals that are knowledgeable and experienced in medical cannabis prescribing:

  • Providing medical education for patients, physicians and health care providers
  • Supporting medical cannabis authorization across Canada
  • A team of specialists that cover a wide range of conditions that may benefit from cannabis
    • Sleep medicine specialist
    • Nurse practitioners
    • GI specialist
    • Internist
    • Rheumatologist


Cannabis Education

We navigate patients through medical cannabis consultations and education at no charge.

Online Appointments

Appointments can be scheduled at one of our clinics or online for eligible patients across Canada.

Treatment Plans

We provide condition specific treatment plans based on research and clinical practice evidence.

Coverage Assistance

We assist with medical cannabis coverage and reimbursement with insurance and third party companies.

Getting Started is Easy!

Ask us your medical cannabis questions today.